Italian flavour, exported with passion.

Maylevia opens the doors to gourmet Italy by exporting high-quality products, offering a true experience of Italian gastronomy.

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Import from Asia

The desire to export Italian products to Asia is a desire to share the delicious flavor of Italy with the growing Asian market.

Import from Europe

The decision to export Italian products to Europe is a conscious decision to promote the authenticity and quality of Italy throughout the continent.

I’m Chantal, CEO
and Director at Maylevia

About me
As a former management controller in the automotive sector, I was able to make my mark in a traditionally masculine environment by demonstrating my skills with confidence. Of French-Vietnamese origin, my career path led me to Italy a few years ago, where I discovered my passion for Italian gastronomy.
Chantal, CEO and Director at Maylevia
À propos
This passion gave birth to Maylevia, my company dedicated to exporting Italian gastronomic products to Asia. This adventure harmoniously fuses my cultural roots with my fascination for Italian cuisine. I'm delighted to be able to share this culinary heritage with you.

The Maylevia requirement

Flavors of Italy
Maylevia, your gateway to exceptional Italian gastronomy, offers you a refined selection of top-of-the-range products exported to Asia and Europe. Our commitment to superior quality guarantees you an incomparable culinary experience.
Panettone made by Olivieri 1882
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Whether you're a restaurateur, retailer or lover of authentic flavors, Maylevia facilitates access to Italian gastronomic treasures, allowing you to satisfy the most demanding palates. Let Maylevia sublimate your taste buds with the best of Italy.

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