December 12, 2023

DEL COLLE: What do you think of Made In Italy 🇮🇹?

ORGANIC, high quality products, always on the lookout for new recipes for a nutritional intake recommended by our nutritionists.

So I'm talking to you about legumes.

I don't think we talk enough about these little foods.

They're small, but they're good for our health. 💪🏼

Pulses are naturally rich in fibre and contain vegetable proteins.

So it's important to include them in your diet.

DEL COLLE has selected the best dried vegetables for you.

Located in the hills of Tuscany, the farm covers more than 8,000m2.

Why did I agree to work with you?

I'll tell you why:

DEL COLLE works with farmers in Italy and abroad whose cultivation areas meet our standards.

The growing areas are protected. And the products are ORGANIC or under contract. It does not use GMOs.

DEL COLLE also works with nutritionists and doctors because it actively supports the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

And it meets quality standards, with all production processes controlled to guarantee maximum food safety and traceability to meet customer needs.

So there you have it! ☺️

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