December 7, 2023

Del Colle's projects are concrete commitments: health, environment, territory, ethics

💫 Del Colle products are of exceptional quality, grown in the most fertile Italian soils and processed with meticulous care to preserve their authentic flavour.An incomparable taste experience, guaranteed in every bite. 🔥

Why to choose Del Colle ?

A well know ang recognised brand

among the most important italian grocery chains

Proven experience

Wide range of products

Thank to our international and local agriculture network we can offer the best national and foreign excellences, both conventional and organic.

Excellent value for money

Thank to our experience we can offer a product with very higt quality standards at affordable prices in spite of market volatility.

Reliability, service, transparence

We use to operate with highest quality level standards, assuring food safety, efficient logistics and helpful customer care service. We never stop investing and improving!

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